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Talking Business at Staffordshire University

I’m looking forward to speaking at the Staffordshire University Talking Business event this afternoon and of course to the Keynote presentation by Karren Brady.

Staffordshire University’s Business School is at the forefront of bringing business and education together and today’s event is yet another example of the excellent initiatives they are spearheading. Having worked closely with the University and numerous of it’s undergraduate students, graduates and staff I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share our beneficial experiences with other business owners.

The opportunities for close collaboration are plentiful and the advantages for businesses of all sizes taking up these joint projects are significant. From short projects placing undergraduates in businesses to work on a specific identified project task through to internships and their support for new businesses and entrepreneurs through SPEED and EFS, the commitment of the University and it’s people to supporting entrepreneurship is excellent.

From my own experiences over the last 7 years in particular, it is a definite win-win situation and I know that business owners who explore the potential for closer working with the University and do so with an open mind have much to gain. Bright people bring bright ideas and an energy and enthusiasm that is positively infectious for organisations of every size.

If you are one of the delegates attending today I look forward to seeing you there. Alternatively if you have missed out this time I strongly urge you to get in touch and register your interest for future events. Today I’m told is 100% oversubscribed so that is fantastic testimony to the value and benefit that employers are recognising and already gaining from working with Staffordshire University.

For more details about today visit http://www.staffs.ac.uk/about_us/news_and_events/talking_business/

March 3, 2011 | Category: Events, Inspirational, Networking Events, Tony Altham — Tony Altham
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Vision, belief and inspiration …. from

Vision, belief and inspiration …. from the fastest blind man on earth!!! –http://www.blindvision.tv/

February 23, 2011 | Category: Inspirational — Tony Altham
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