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Business Networking Made Easy

Business Networking Made Easy

After years of networking to win business and meet new contacts I appreciate that the thought of attending business networking events and meeting new people to win business is very off putting for many people so they simply don’t do it. BUT it doesn’t need to be. Networking is simply about this:

Remember that people have 3 fundamental psychological needs

To feel loved

To feel valued and important

To feel that we belong

So when meeting new people and existing contacts at social and business networking events you just need to follow the… Be, Do, Have formula for success


Be nice & be yourself because people buy people. When you are sincere and natural it is far easier for the people you meet to get to know you and build rapport with you.

Be interested & show you care by asking more questions about them and their business and interests rather than focusing on your needs and dominating the conversation. We all learn more when we are listening and the other person feels that they have had an enjoyable conversation when they feel listened to and that their opinion matters.

Be Honest because people need to feel comfortable and establish trust before they commit to working with you and recommending you to their family, friends and business contacts.


Do help people unconditionally without leaving them feeling that they owe you because a gift (your help) is appreciated and builds trust and respect while a debt (someone owing you something) puts pressure and a feeling of burden and inequality onto a relationship.

Do what you say you are going to do because this is a mark of your integrity and confirms that you mean what you say.

Do it when you say you will because timing is important when building trust and very often you will find that some things are time sensitive.


Have faith in the power and value of reciprocation – help first and you will be helped later because the more people you help and the more help you give, the more people notice you and value you. The more they appreciate you, the more they feel similarly motivated to help you succeed as well.

Have patience – be a relationship farmer (sow, feed, tend and harvest) and not a hunter (stalk, select, target, shoot and kill). Farmers invest time, energy and resources for the long term and gain a bigger return over a longer period of time. Hunters target their prey and have to keep repeating the process to survive.

Have time for people – because everyone matters. You never know who knows who and you always judge people at your peril. Make time for people and talk to them and about them as you wish for them to treat you.

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