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Are you a NETworker or a NOTworker?

Are you a NETworker or a NOTworker?

There are numerous guaranteed ways to alienate people and lose business when networking – if you really don’t want the work that is.

Business Networking is absolutely one of the most effective ways to grow your business opportunities when done well and believe me there are simple ways to ensure you do it well.

Equally there are many simple techniques and tips to guarantee your success as a top NOTworker and below are my 11 favourites:

1. Talk at people rather than to them and with them. You should control and dominate conversations at all costs.

2. Focus on you rather than on the people you meet. Tell everyone you meet all about you and your business interests and personal hobbies. Be aware that they will try to talk about ‘them’ but you can soon bring the conversation back to you.

3. Make sure you give them your business card as soon as you meet them. There is no need to ask if they want it. Have it ready when you meet and offer your card before you even offer to shake hands.

4. Make sure you take a big pile of business cards to every event and hand them all out. Taking your own cards back with you is just a waste and missed opportunity so don’t bother doing it.

5. Don’t look at or comment on their business card when you receive it and be sure to put it away immediately – in your pocket or bag is great.

6. Keep looking around the room for who else you can talk to while talking to them. Remember you are there to meet people and get your information to as many people as possible. You have two eyes so use them accordingly – keep one on your current conversation and the other on the room and other prospects. 50/50 attention and engagement is all you need.

7. Remember to go bigger and better when someone tells you something of interest about them or their business. Whatever they have done or are doing it’s your mission to achieve one upmanship, always.

8. Talk with your mouth full. We all need to eat don’t we so there is nothing wrong in loading your plate up at the buffet and then chomping your way through the pile of food and still chatting. Time is important so this is just multitasking. Of course eating greasy food with your right hand and then shaking hands without wiping it clean first gets you bonus points.

9. Cut into other people’s conversations and interrupt them. Work the room and make sure everyone meets you. Pay no attention to whether they are already in conversation – this is networking right?

10. Ask for the sale there and then – for example you can say something like …

“So Anna who supplies your ………. (mention your products and services)?”

“Well that’s what we do and I’d love to quote for your business. If you have details now I can get you prices today to save time.”

11. Be a Collector and collect as many business cards as you possibly can and follow up with more information about you. This is all about Sell, Sell, Sell – close the business! Get the deal!!

My Guarantee – If you really do have all the business and contacts you want and you want to have fun not building your network any further then these tips will definitely help you to achieve that goal. I’ve seen all these tips used on numerous occasions over my years in business and they absolutely work. If you are struggling and want help just let me know and I will coach you through them for free.

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