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Why your personal brand image is so important when networking

Everything you do in terms of how you carry yourself, how you speak and dress, what you say and the way you say it, directly impacts on how people perceive and remember you. Collectively they create and convey your ‘personal brand image’ so it is vital that you are clear about the brand values you want to convey and build and that you promote them well.

By building your brand consistently and in building it with strength and passion, it becomes incredibly valuable. People you meet will ‘buy’ you before they progress to buying your products and services.

Think about it. Who are the people in your own network of family, friends and business colleagues that you enjoy being with and working with the most? Why? What is it about them that leads you to think and feel that way?

It is clear that great brands add massive value and build consumer confidence, so you must build and position your own personal brand to be a brand leader. Some Brands have incredible power and other people will either associate with their values or distance themselves from them.

For other people to have confidence in you, in no small part, they will need to associate with your values and your personal qualities.

Remember that people are incredibly perceptive and will readily spot inconsistencies. We also like certainty so ‘Brand Me’ isn’t just about the floor show and the packaging i.e. the way you dress and talk, it is about the way you dress, walk, talk and act, all the time. Therefore always BE CONSISTENT AND CONGRUENT.

If you say you will do something – DO IT. Under promise and over deliver.

Carry yourself with your head up and look people in the eye when you speak to them. Avoid the urge to carry unnecessary ‘baggage’ like brochures, bags, conference folders and the like as this will enable you to communicate openly.

When you speak to other people, give them 100% of your attention and do not look around for who else you can talk to as they will notice and feel that you are not interested in them.

When you speak, speak with certainty. In other words, remember that you either do something or you don’t, so when you use language like ‘I do this by… which means that …’ then you demonstrate belief in yourself and your own abilities and that belief is transferred to the people you are talking to. On the other hand, when you say ‘I try…’ you place doubt because you open the door to uncertainty.

Body language is subtle and yet powerful in perceptions and relationship building so when you enter a room you should hold yourself ‘tall’. This means that you avoid slouching. Hold your head up and have your shoulders back. Look people in the eye and convey confidence.

Your clothes should reflect your personality and also acknowledge the event that you are attending. For instance, if you go to a business event where everyone else is wearing business suits then jeans and t-shirt isn’t the most suitable attire. Equally, a business suit at an informal social event will probably be too formal and you will stand out once again for the wrong reasons.

When you have belief in yourself you are comfortable, confident and relaxed. You convey an energy that attracts other people to you and you get noticed and remembered.

Build ‘Brand Me’ and be remembered for all the right reasons.

April 17, 2011 | Category: Tony Altham — Tony Altham
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