Learn to consistently win new business
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Build Your Strong Contact Network Around Your Fans, Supporters, Advisers & Connectors.

There are 4 key groups of people you need to attract into your network to maximise your potential for long-term networking and referral business success.

Equally, when you become all of these to the people in your network, you will be a definite key ‘GOTO’ contact for them and others.

Your Fans, Supporters, Advisers and Connectors will help you at all points along your route to developing new products and services, to marketing yourself and your business, to helping you with advice when you need it and of course to introducing you to people they know who can help you to realise your personal and business goals.

Powerful contact networks are not simply about relationships that provide introductions for profitable business and career progression, but also about encouragement, advice, motivation, belief and help in all aspects and areas of your personal development and success. The truly strong and powerful relationships are those where the people you work closest with are personally interested in and also share your goals to such a degree that they are motivated to help you achieve them.

Your Fans will be the people who will enthusiastically tell others about you. They will consistently sing your praises and when you have a new project, product or service they will spread the word on your behalf without being asked to do so. Ultimately, they will ‘RAVE’ about you to others.

Your Supporters will be your connections who will encourage you to push ahead with new opportunities and they will be motivated to help you achieve success. They will look for and find ways to help you even to the point of personally getting involved to assist you with your projects, by giving their own time and resources to make it happen. They will likewise be the contacts with the positive attitude and mindset who will be focused on all the ways in which you can achieve the goals you are working for, rather than highlighting the reasons why you shouldn’t go ahead.

Your Advisers will be the knowledgeable contacts who will either have experience to share with you and or professional expertise to guide you. For instance they will be your financial and legal teams, probably other entrepreneurs, mentors and other business owners, including at times suppliers as well as clients. They will be the people you can turn to at the times when you need a professional opinion and another point of view to assist you in your decision making.

Your Connectors will be the ‘door openers’. These are the people who will introduce you to other key people who will be able to help you. Typically this means they will know other people who can and will assist you with your plans, from other Advisers and Supporters through to key new clients.

Very often you will find within your network, certain individuals who will fill one or more of these roles and a very small number of people who will actually fill all of these roles. These will ultimately prove to be your strongest and most valuable connections and I suggest they will be the people you will over time, work most closely with.

Your role in these key relationships is to likewise develop your own abilities and focus to be a Fan, Supporter, Adviser and Connector to them.

Over many years of personal and business networking, I have discovered first hand that although I have many people in my overall ‘Strong Contact Network’, there are only a small number who become the close personal contacts that I deem to be ‘members of my inner circle’.

Look closely at your existing contacts and I’m sure you will recognise the similar connections in your own networks who fall into this same category. Respect, value and develop these relationships because they will have the greatest impact and influence in your future success.

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