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The secret to gaining long-term profitable referral business

Great things happen when you help people, especially when you give that help freely and without expectation that they have to do something for you in return.

As you sincerely and genuinely give of yourself by doing someone else a favour or a good deed, they will often feel the urge and desire to reciprocate by helping you in return. They receive your help gratefully and the majority of people you help then look for opportunities to thank you. Now although it is fair to say that those opportunities may not be immediately available, it is a fact that, in many, many cases, they do ultimately arrive and typically when you least expect them.

Another interesting thing that happens, is that other people who see you doing these good deeds, people who may not have actually been personally helped by you, see what you are doing and have done and feel likewise motivated to help you.

World authority on business and social networking and Founder of BNI, Dr Ivan Misner calls it ‘Givers Gain’ and he has built a global networking organisation called Business Networking International on that one simple philosophy and those two small words. Dr Misner’s extensive research indicates that 2 out of every 3 people you help (66%) will ultimately reciprocate at some point in the future, so in simple terms, the more people you help the more help you will receive and the more opportunities will come your way in return.

When you become recognised as a giver and a helper, you become noticed by a bigger and bigger circle of contacts and you ensure that you become remembered by other people. Your reputation naturally builds and you become acknowledged as a key connector and in many cases as an expert in your field and even more opportunities come your way as yet more connections are made and doors are opened.

Personally, what I have discovered is that the strongest relationships in my network are founded on this simple principle of reciprocation. When you help someone and they help you back and you then help them again, a cycle of trust and respect and mutual appreciation is started. When your focus is on ‘How can I help you?’ rather than ‘What’s in it for me?’ your relationships move to a higher and more valued level.

The Law of Reciprocity

The more people you help, the more people will help you.

Help first and you will be helped later.

RECIPROCATE and you will be helped again and again and again.

Remember this and apply it daily and you have the key to long-term profitable referral business.

February 23, 2011 | Category: Networking for Profits — Tony Altham
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