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The 4 Main Types of Networker

Here we take a look at what the four main types of networker are…

Card Dealers

Typically a card dealer believes their most important goal and mission is to ensure that they give their business card to as many people as possible during the event and indeed at every opportunity where they meet another living being .  Card Dealers will often carry their cards in their hand in readiness and will offer / give their card to pretty much everyone they meet, usually at the start or early on in the conversation.

At this stage they don’t know if the other person actually wants their business card and they have little or no idea what the other person does.  Their focus is purely on achieving their own objectives.  Consequently they convey the wrong message and make a poor connection with the new contact they have just met.


These are the hunters who see everyone in the room as a sales target and an opportunity to ‘close a deal’.  Sellers are hungry for business and see the people in the room as the ‘main event’ rather than considering the bigger opportunity of the network of people that the other guests know.  In their drive to ‘sell’ on the day they will often miss the opportunity to build mutually beneficial long term relationships that in turn generate long term business by referral and recommendation.  Sellers will come across as pushy.


Imagine the flip side of a Card Dealer and you have the Collector.  Collectors see their mission as needing to collect as many business cards as possible.  They will leave an event with a stack of business cards and then more often than not, will fail to do anything with them.  Over time they will amass hundreds of cards and will have a great collection of names and contact details though little to show for their efforts.

Collectors if not careful will miss hundreds of opportunities by becoming so focused on the gathering contacts that they fail to build the all important relationships that generate long term business opportunities.


Skilled networkers are brilliant connectors and recognise the value of strong personal relationships.  Equally they understand the importance of connecting people who can be useful to each other and listen attentively when in conversation so they gather useful knowledge and understanding about the people they meet and have in their own network.

Connectors become the go to people, the contacts that are thought of first when their contacts need help, advice and introductions.  Connectors are the gatekeepers and door openers – the people to know.

February 23, 2011 | Category: Types of Networker — Tony Altham
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