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Divide and multiply

When two or more people from the same company or organisation attend a networking event a frequent classic mistake is to stay together feeling there is safety in numbers. Many reluctant networkers feel more comfortable having someone they know by their side.

This has a big impact on their networking effectiveness for several reasons. Firstly, they restrict the number of people they can meet. Secondly, one person will frequently lead the conversations meaning the other remains a comfortable ‘passenger’ in the meetings and doesn’t develop their own networking skills and confidence. Thirdly, sticking together often also means that they will gravitate to other people they know rather than looking for new contact opportunities.

The better option is always to divide and multiply. When you divide and mingle individually, you double your opportunities to meet new people and raise awareness of your company and your products and your services. More people get to know who you are and your personal profile builds rapidly.

When I go to networking events with colleagues our strategy is to frequently to arrive, check out the delegate list, agree key contacts we wish to meet and who will seek to meet who and then we split up. We mingle individually and then ‘bump’ into each other from time to time during the event and update each other on our progress.

We also introduce each other to new contacts we meet as well as to other contacts in our network thereby building links even further.

From our experience it definitely pays to divide and multiply.

February 23, 2011 | Category: Tony Altham — Tony Altham
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