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Business cards as a marketing tool

Your Business Cards are a vital marketing and networking tool because they are a physical reminder that people you meet will take away and you hope keep, to remind them of their conversation with you.

With this in mind it is vital that you make your card memorable and informative.  Business Cards have two sides and yet so many of us only use one of them.  What a missed opportunity it is to choose not to use the back and tell people more about the reasons they would really benefit from working with you.

To help people remember you, put your photograph onto your card.  Why?  Well just imagine for a moment that you go to an event and you meet 30 new people and collect business cards from all of them.

None of those cards have any photographs on them so you have to remember all the individuals from the other information you receive about them during your brief meeting and conversation.

Now honestly answer this – if you were asked to give all those people their business card back an hour later, would you be able to do it?

One thing is certain – if they all had their photograph on their card it wouldn’t be a challenge at all.

February 23, 2011 | Category: Etiquette & Courtesy, Networking Skills, Rapport Building — Tony Altham
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